Experiencing Perspectives is an ongoing exhibition of OCAD U alumni and faculty at the Mercedes Benz Financial head office in Mississauga Ontario.
Check out my work, and the rest of the exhibition,  here:


New Inks!

Field of View (Blue)
Ink on Mylar 
8' x 3'

Field of View (Red)
Ink on Mylar
8' x 3'

Special thanks to Miss Chelsea Jamieson for sharing her beautiful studio and photo skills!

Meet my beautiful friends:


Photos and results from FEEDBACK are on the way!

New Work!

These are shots of the exploding skull from the installation at Propeller Gallery this week. The installation took 6 hours to hang! Much thanks to Kali, Ariel and Shannon. I have the best friends.


  Views from inside the gallery


Views from the street  

This Friday! Beyond Certainty: Flaws of Form

Beyond Certainty: Flaws of Form is a group exhibition that explores the human form and experience through both a psychological and scientific lens. The show includes all new drawing, painting and sculptural work of 14 female artists from my graduating class.  The show runs June 22nd through July 3rd at Propeller Gallery on Queen St West (just east of Ossington)

For more information on the show, the artists and the gallery visit:

The Quizzical Curios of Cornelious Kunstammer & 20 Something Else

 Finally! Here are some photos of my installation and the opening reception of The Quizzical Curios of Cornelious Kunstammer. Better late than never, right?

The opening had a great turnout. As you can see the small gallery was packed most of the night. We all got great feedback from those who made it out, and the show was even extended by Chuck for a second week.

The first week of June was a crazy week of installing and reinstalling work at several galleries. The second opening that week was for 20 Something Else at Gallery CC. A show featuring the work from my OCAD U Drawing & Painting thesis class.

It was Tong's idea to install my organs over the staircase, so I let him spend all five hours on the ladder hanging it. What a champ. The final installation looked amazing, and is still up at Gallery CC for those who missed it.

Sneak Peak!!

These are a few of the pieces that I have been working on for the upcoming show: THE QUIZZICAL CURIOS OF CORNELIUS KUNSTKAMMER

Hopefully next time you see them they will be finished..

eye balls and parasites! kept in jars, obviously.


This skull has been taking up the majority of my time since thesis, and is still in progress. 
I still have to finish the nose, add teeth and adjust some of the form.
It will be finished!


The anatomical man, aka Michael Phelps, was a maquette I made for thesis. He is complete.

This intestine box is weird, and still in progress (possibly getting weirder?)
Ariel found this box for me during a trip to Value Village, and the only thing I could reasonably think to put in it was organs...

The Show Off

Installation at The Show Off: OCAD U Graduate Exhibition
May 5 - May 8, 2011

Thanks to everyone who came out!

Opening Reception June 2nd, 2011
Chuck Akudu Gallery
3035 Dundas West

OCAD University Graduate Exhibition!

May 5 2011 - May 8 2011
Opening Reception Thursday, May 5 2011